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(feature film / psychological thriller)

A small city is frozen in terror. Several bloody, seemingly random murders have been committed. When the lead detective’s partner becomes another victim, it hits too close to home – his own wife’s murder from a decade earlier is still unsolved. 

We know the killers but we do not know the motive. And we don’t know who’s next on their hit list.

This psychological thriller has twists and turns that include a cat that is an unwitting accomplice and a granny with a grudge.

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(feature film)

Returning to her home town for her sister’s wedding, a government agent suspects nefarious business dealings on the part of the groom. She tries her best to balance her social obligations while snooping undercover – all the while pretending to be just an administration clerk.

A handsome best man, a sympathetic father and a pair of local detectives who are working well above their pay grade add to the mystery.


(feature film)

Big Bobby is a highly successful big city restaurant owner. He is also a crime boss and a very lovable family man. Usually he can buy his way out of problems with the law but a replacement judge sentences him to 30 days in “the joint” . And it gets worse. Due to a clerical error, Big Bobby’s sentence is consecutive , not concurrent , and he won’t be out in time to welcome home his daughter who is a newlywed and totally unaware of daddy’s source of income.

Big Bobby has to figure out a way to get out of prison for the three days his daughter will be in the city and then get back in before anyone knows he’s been gone.

Nothing beats having a good marriage and great friends…especially at Christmas.



(Short screenplay by Madeline Hombert)

Short project by Madeline, this screenplay is just 9 pages long but its impact continues to capture awards. It is a fantasy thriller about a young girl being photographed at senior prom --  a lovely moment – except she’s been dead for 25 years.

Originally named “The Dress”, KATIE’S LAST DANCE, won first place in Austin Art Festival, First Place Fantasy Genre in Your Script Produced, First place Short Overall, Your Script Produced and First Place Super Short at Chicago.

This screenplay has been sold and will be produced in late fall 2023.


(Feature screenplay in development by Michael Markus and Madeline Hombert)
Based on the book "Bingo Country - and Strippers" by Michael Markus (available on

There are still many small towns in America that have outdated bylaws that can cause some real hardship for small business owners.  

One of those businesses is “The Bingo” – a once-busy bar that is being overshadowed by newer, shinier chain establishments. 

The owner is a banged-up former hockey player who inherited The Bingo from his grandfather. He also inherited the bylaw restrictions that limit his license: The Bingo was originally a strip joint and if even one day passes without a live show, the license gets pulled.

There are a handful of crotchety old protesters sitting outside the doors every day and every day a lone inspector sits in abject boredom with watch and a time sheet ensuring that the live strip show is not short by even a minute.

Mounting bills, aching bones from old injuries and a girlfriend who wants a baby add to the pressures.  

When a vicious prank sends the regular strippers running out of town and there’s just hours to find replacements –well, what’s a nice guy gotta do to make a living?!

Madeline Hombert is developing a screenplay:


When a young gay couple is savagely attacked, help in exacting revenge comes from an unlikely source.